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Each of the partners is in a different area of Europe.

If you wish to order or visit the vineyard please use the details below..

Please note we do not distribute in the UK because of high taxes but we do sell in France from our vineyard and from the Vigneron Independant salons we attend where you can taste.

Please email our contact address if you wish to have more information.

            France – 33
Yannick Ferriere

Château Les Ardits 2, Les Ardits 33420 Daignac France

 : +33 (0)9 53 21 97 14

      +33 (0)6 45 49 50 01




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             UK                           Ned Abell             

        Spain                      Daniel Ariznabarreta 

             Belgium                 David Eloy         

             France – 69       Bernard Poinçot    

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